Where To Buy A Dog

Many people use the Internet to look for just about everything to buy. Luckily Amazon are not yet selling Dogs. Gulp, at least I don’t think they are, better check. One moment…………….

Oh, OK, apparently they only sell Chihuahuas so that’s OK! 😉

Where was I? Where to buy a Dog?

If you are looking to buy a Dog or a puppy then here is something worth considering that I found very interesting. The other day we were watching a bit of Welsh TV News. We have satellite here in Spain and on occasion it is nice to get a glimpse of what used to be our local TV. Anyway there was a quick bit of news about Puppy Mills or Puppy Farms. Apparently there are 250 unlicensed Puppy Farms in Wales. Wales is a small part of the United Kingdom as a whole.  Now, this means that, well, who knows?

These people may or may not be lovers of Dogs running little operations to bring a few lovely puppies in to the world or they may be getting young Dogs to breed as often as possible, give them little exercise or care and simply do it for the money and breed Dogs as quickly as possible and sell them as quickly as possible for as much money as possible. As a general rule what do you think is the most likely? One or the other or somewhere in between.

Keep your hundreds in your pocket.

Get down to the local rescue Centre (UK spelling) and give them a few bucks, Euros, pounds, and get a lovely Dog that will be extremely appreciative of a new home. If we stop buying Dogs and puppies without having a clue where they came from or how they were brought in to this world, and how their parents were cared for then we will see an end to less than perfect breeding practices and a lower number of abandoned Dogs ending up roaming the neighbourhoods or in the care of Rescue Centres around the world.

If you MUST get a specific breed then first of all take some time to see if there is a local organisation that specialises in that breed and has them available for you from a specialist Rescue or Care center. There are many people who dedicate their lives to specific breeds and they will probably be able to either point you in the right place to buy that breed from the best breeder or you may find that there is a group of people looking for homes for the type of Dog you want.

Mongrels rule though as my three Girls will attest to.

It’s just a shame that Jet has now decided to TALK very loudly nearly all the time that she is awake unless you constantly pat her head.

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  1. Hue Nelson says:

    Both my little guys I got from the pound and have been with me for 13 years now. My middle kid is turning 2 in 3 months was given to me from a friend who was terminally ill. My pure bread Basset Hound was a rescue for that breed.. she is 7 months old.
    I agree with you that people shouldn’t buy dogs and try to rescue dogs that need a home. I live is a small 1 bedroom with 4 dogs. I can sleep well at night knowing these poor animals are safe in a warm home with a soft bed, fed only lamb and rice food, up to date on all shots, fixed, micro chipped, and will never have to worry about being left in the cold or without love. (along with a ball python and 2 parakeets that were rescues) Blessed be.

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:


    You sure have a full house there. 3 Dogs and a Cat (Evil) is about all I think I can handle. Apart from the Chickens of course but thankfully they are happy outside. Can you imagine if they weren’t!