Are You Too Soft With Your Dog?

I seem to be letting the dogs get away with more the older I get. There was a time when our little beasties were absolutely NOT allowed on anything that us humans used to either sit or sleep on. No getting on the bed, no getting on the sofa. In fact the upstairs of the house was strictly off limits (in an effort to have at least a few rooms devoid of doggie hairs)! Over time these very good intentions seem to have gone out the window. It is becoming a bit of a free for all. If I […]

What Do You Mean Dogs Should Not Be On The Furniture?

I seem to be fighting a losing battle when it comes to the girls and the furniture. No sooner do i turn my back than some kind of secret conspiracy ensues. It’s like – “Hey, he’s not looking Ssshhh. Jet, you take the futon, Daisy you get the left side of the sofa and I (Fay) will take the centre and the right, quick he’s coming, pretend to be asleep.” SNORE…. At least that’s how it seems!