Five Training Tips For First-Time Dog Owners

Here at the Dog Blog today we have some nice tips from Dan. Enjoy this guest post folks! The decision to welcome a dog into your family is a long-term commitment that can be both highly rewarding and demanding. First-time dog owners should follow these basic five tips to help train their new pet and lay the foundation for a long, happy relationship with their four-legged friend. 1) Be Consistent Before you even bring your new pooch home, think about what kinds of rules you will have for your dog. If you have a spouse, kids or housemates, include […]

The Permission Paradox: Dog Training Tips

Today at the Dog Blog we have a very interesting guest post from There is a principle that exists in dog training that few people are aware of. I call this principle the Permission Paradox. The Permission Paradox is an animal training principal that uses counterintuitive logic to get dogs to STOP doing things that you want them to do by actually giving them permission to misbehave during designated times. This principle of dog training is very effective because by allowing a dog to misbehave during designated times, by actually putting bad behaviors like barking or licking on […]