Are You Too Soft With Your Dog (part 2)

Well I promised I would follow up on my previous post I wrote just over a week ago about the Dogs on furniture. I had decided that the Doggie Monsters were simply becoming too used to more or less living off the ground and on the furniture. Not to mention the extra work involved in scooping up the mountains of Dog hairs that seem to get sucked down the sides of the sofa like some kind of Dog hair magnet. So to recap the new regime was to be as follows: No dogs on the sofa No dogs on […]

27 Ways To A Better Behaved Dog And A Happier Life For You And Your Dog

If you have been reading this blog then you know I am no Dog Training Uber Master, but I think that overall we have fairly well rounded and definitely extremely happy dogs. Although they do still misbehave at times, for the most part they will do as they are told and are becoming quite well trained. We have owned Dogs previously for over sixteen years and have learnt a few things along the way. I have never trained our dogs to do tricks or agility just trained them to learn the basics and to be relatively well behaved. Dogs […]

What Do You Mean Dogs Should Not Be On The Furniture?

I seem to be fighting a losing battle when it comes to the girls and the furniture. No sooner do i turn my back than some kind of secret conspiracy ensues. It’s like – “Hey, he’s not looking Ssshhh. Jet, you take the futon, Daisy you get the left side of the sofa and I (Fay) will take the centre and the right, quick he’s coming, pretend to be asleep.” SNORE…. At least that’s how it seems!