Top Tips For Leash Training A Dog

Whether you use a conventional Collar and Lead arrangement, a choker chain or any number of the myriad of different leash/lead combinations out there, a few basic rules can make the process of Leash training a Dog much simpler. See my post on Choker Chain Dog Training for what I recommend. Our Dogs are seldom on the lead because we live in the country and often there is no need, but we have made it a point to still regularly train them on the lead so when the need arises they are easier too handle. Bear in mind this […]

Choker Chains Dogs Training Choke Chains For Sale

I am amazed at the controversy that seems to surround the Choker, or Check Chain. If used correctly Choker Chains are a fantastic resource for quickly teaching basic commands to your Dog. Any training aid can be construed as cruel if it is used inappropriately. I have lost count of the number of people I have seen walking their Dogs in public places with long leads and their Dogs pulling them all over the place. As far as I am concerned I would much rather have my Dog close by my side than dictating to me where we will […]