The Furminator Deshedding Tool Furminator Reviews

Excuse me if I sound a little excited but Furminator where have you been all my life. I can’t believe it has taken me, what, 19 years of owning Dogs to finally actually get a Dog brush that works properly. The Furminator deshedding tool is frankly amazing. I can’t even begin to count how many different Dog brushes we have gone through over the years, way too many. Our first Dog Sam was a hairy beastie but never really seemed to shed too much fur.

But the three girls we now have are like some kind of Dog hair shedding maniacs, it amazes me that they actually have any fur left on them they seem too shed so much on to the floor. Anyway, before we take a proper look at the Furminator here they are to buy, and they really are about the best thing you could possibly get if you have a Dog that sheds a lot fur.

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Looking on Amazon I was amazed to see over 3000 reviews for the Furminator.

UPDATE: There is now a new model out that is even better! Same great low price but does an even better job, if that is even possible!

Does every Dog owner apart from me know how good it is? I have heard of it for years but never actually took any time to read Furminator reviews or to investigate just how they worked. I always assumed a Dog brush was a Dog brush and they were all pretty much similar in nature.

Well, the other day Mrs. Three Dog Blogger cam home with the Furminator. The house has been getting progressivley worse each day as the Dogs shed more fur for the warmer months. Every morning they usually get a brush but it still results in fur allover the floor tiles. Easy to sweep up but still horrendous.

Well, the Dogs had already had a brush with a traditional Dog brush but when the Furmitator was combed through each of the three girls I simply could not believe it. Handfuls, and I really do mean handfuls of fur came off. I had to actually stop and ask if she hadn’t bought a gizmo that was actually cutting their fur as I could not believe that a simple grooming tool would result in so much extra fur coming off the beasties. Nope, it is a simple deshedding tool for Dogs that gets really deep in to the fur and removes all the fur that would otherwise be all over the floors and the furniture.

I really cannot tell you just how impressed I am with this simple tool.

I really did not think that there was anything that would work better than the usual Dog brushes that many of us have been using for years. The difference is staggering and I would buy another one immediately if this one ever went missing. If you want to know how to get rid of Dog fur then the Furminator is without doubt the best thing I have ever found. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t investigate things I hear of straight away. I mean, it took me a year to buy a Dog backpack to stop Daisy running away, and I wish I had done that when I said I was going to.

Seriously, if you have problems with Dog fur and the Dogs shedding fur everywhere then the Furminator deshedding tool is the best thing you will ever buy. Sorry if I sound excited over a simple thing like this but a cleaner house is something I thought was never for the likes of this Dog blog owner.